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reason and emotion continued

There is no question that at the base of Egyptian thought there was an acceptance of the arbitrary. How else do you explain the name of their sun god? When a choice includes the arbitrary it destroys order, or more properly, our ability to discover order. It must have been Egyptian disorder that first caught Thale's eye. The ability to apply numbers to real problems requires strict order. The Greeks exemplified mind/body integration, the Egyptians, the opposite. Thales saw the evidence first hand and drew the obvious conclusion. He must have realized that the numbers used by both philosophies were the same and the difference was that the Greeks had figured out a way to apply them. Thales had only to compare and contrast the two cultures to see the difference. What did Thales see? He saw the difference between ordinal and cardinal numbers, that they differentiate between objective reasoning and subjective emotions.

It stands to reason that if a society has incorporated a contradiction (mind/body dichotomy) at their theoretical base it will suffer a severe contraction in that society's creativity. New knowledge requires a free mind; mind/body integration requires a mind free from contradiction and a body free from from coercion (both hallmarks of the Greek tradition). The mark of a free society is defined by their stand on fraud and force. We have an example before us as I write this. The American constitution is based on an objective absolute (the right to life). The issue of what constitutes an objective absolute is very much in question. Its why I am on the net. Bush seems to think that there is an objective absolute in the word 'god'. Secularists say Bush can't prove it and so should renounce the use of force completely to avoid possible mistakes. The result is that you have the two dominant world views fighting over how to keep the peace. There is a lot to fear from both sides because they are both so certain that the other is wrong that they are willing to cheat to have their side win. When I argue that the two dominant world views are grounded on a contradiction this is one way to prove it. For all of you out there that feel I am right: this is an example of how to move that feeling from the subjective to the objective.

The american supreme court has ruled that our constitution is related to the geneva conventions in a way that requires we rewrite our laws to accommodate the conventions. Personally, this means to me that we should immediately renounce any part of of the convention that trumps our constitution and go from there. As the best example of mankind's attempt to define mans relation to force and fraud the US needs to discover the absolute principle upon which that idea rests. A secularist is not looking for it because in their eyes it isn't possible. Bush thinks he has it because of god. Half of us know that's bs. The result is that our concept of the law is up for grabs.

You are all objectivists now and just don't know it. There is an objective relation between shoes that lace up and our lacing up our shoes that has a 100% integrity. It is neither mystical or made up, it is real.
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