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Objectivism used with consistency brings about certain results. Among the most important is the sense of pride that develops from recognized success. Reason works, it is efficacious. As with everything, as I learned to make the use of reason automatized for my psyche, I was able to relate the same to my degree of happiness, confidence, general love of life. There comes a point where you recognize that the choice to ignore reason is so stupid as to be properly rejected, on principle. As you consciously choose to be rational, you are, in effect, automatizing reason. The relation between the conscious and the subconscious is thus united.

Once reason becomes 'second nature' to you, you begin to look around for indications that this all makes a difference, ie, the inductive proof. Gradually, the importance of Rands stand on moral compromise began to sink in. Her article on "The Anatomy of a Compromise" is in an early non-fiction and says something to the effect that a compromised principle is a destroyed principle. To compromise on reason destroys the one tool you need to live, so don't do it. From other arguments I integrated the choice to think with the choice not to initiate the use of force and with the refusal not to volunteer help to force initiators. Rand also wrote about how to live free in an unfree society and here I take issue with her advice. I believe she endorses a violation of the 'reason' principle. She endorses the voluntary payment of taxes, and endorses the use of gov programs because we help pay for them. Both stands are wrong because it requires a voluntary unity between the chosen and the coerced. Her hero in the Fountainhead won his court case and so should we if reason is our guide.

The consequences of adopting the above have, over the past several years made me realize just how radical Rand is. Finally I became aware of just how radical I have become. This is what I need to share. My choice to be as free as I can has severe consequences. I have an illness that can be controlled with the proper drugs but they cost me around $1500.00 per month, (It is difficult to generate wealth if those buying your product profess to not want it). If I would compromise my principle on reason I could force my less radical co-citizens to pay for my drugs. I cannot argue that reason is the right answer if I don't practice what I preach, so I have taken the risk that these ideas I'm relating on the net will generate a positive response. I am betting that while on the face of it I am hated by the vast majority of those holding either side of the subjectivist position they will come to see that they really love me, because they really love reason. To disprove me requires a reasoned argument disproving reason.
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