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LJ Philosophy

Promoting the Correspondence Theory of Truth as a Criterion for Philosophy

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This community was created because I was disappointed to see posts which treated philosophy and real life as integrated subjects being deleted from the philosophy community, as not being in accord with the moderators' concept of philosophy. There has been a bit of a pall since all the principal LJ philosophy communities became moderated, so this community is intended to provide a basically unmoderated setting for the open discussion of ideas.

I hope good-hearted people will take it as a place where they can expect serious philosophical discussion relatively free of anti-intellectual conversational tactics in the comments. In this sense, this community does ask something of its participants: always to be conscientiously objective in discussing ideas. Remarks directed to other members personally should follow Thumper's Categorical Imperative regulating action in the situation of having nothing nice to say. Authentic humor at the sole expense of bad ideas and methods is encouraged in place of the ethic captured by the phrase, "It's only the internet." All in all, this community seeks to assure a place for mature behavior in discussing philosophy by encouraging participants themselves to expect and exemplify high standards of civil discourse.

The purpose of the community is to generate productive philosophical discussion, and to that end only, there will be a minimal moderator presence in case of plainly disruptive behavior, and I invite a couple more people to join me in moderatorship to discuss such cases should they arise. Given the above expectations, and although I'm prepared to, I don't expect ever to actually "moderate."

Suggested additions to the Interests are welcome!